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So What is a “WordPress Theme”?

I would like to explain this to you in plain English minus the “Computer-iT- Geek Lingo” that almost everyone who’s IT qualified uses ! Just why is it that almost everyone in the computer-IT industry has forgotten how to say things in plain simple language and have to resort to strange gobbledygook is beyond me.


To put it simply, a WordPress Theme is like the backbone structure of a website or blog.

Every website or blog has a different look and feel. If you’ve ever wondered how someone with very little or no experience owns a fabulous looking blog or website, well, they’ve probably used a ‘theme’.

There are thousands upon thousands of themes out there. Many of them are free. But you will have a hard time figuring out how to use them because they usually provide no support in terms of helping people use them.
Hey, here’s my great theme—go figure!!

It’s better to pay a few dollars and purchase a ‘premium theme’.
“Premium” simply means you paid for it!!

And themes are designed to work on different web platforms. The most trusted and widely used platform is WordPress.

(WordPress is a blogging system –over 60 million websites use them)
Like all things, its takes a bit of getting used to. But it’s quite straightforward in structure, and once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy. But be warned—they too use ‘IT Gobbledygook’!!

Free Themes vs Premium Themes

You can find thousands of themes offered for free on WordPress itself. But beware!!
If someone’s gone through the trouble of designing a theme and is offering it for free, well there’s got to be a catch somewhere. Save yourself the headaches and spend 20, 30 or 50 dollars and buy one. Some of them are pretty cool-looking.
WordPress is ‘open-source’—which means everyone can have access to their stuff for free. It’s a haven for spammy-hacky minded folks who go to great lengths to use these free resources to find a back door entry into your computer to steal your friends names and addresses.
Premium Themes

Once you have purchased a theme, you will need someone to ‘host’ or store all your files. And this is where your ‘hosting provider’ comes in, ie., somebody like GoDaddy. Just like a cell phone service provider, you will need one for your website too.
You will have to sign up and pay for a hosting package. Don’t worry, it’s something that everyone can afford.
You will aslo need to register a ‘domain’ —that simply means, you need to register a ‘name’ for your blog or website, ie., the blahblahblah.com, xoxoxo.net , or the yadayada.org—whatever name you fancy. If somebody else hasn’t chosen it already, then it’s yours. It will cost you like ten dollars per year or cheaper. You will usually be able to register your domain name with your hosting provider.

When you’ve got all of that out of the way, the fun part begins.

Working with Your New Theme
You start by installing the ‘WordPress platform’ onto your hosting package.
Hmmm? What does that mean?
If you don’t know how to do that, your hosting provider will do that for you.
You will then get an address where you can login and start the ball rolling.
It will usually look like http://www.yourwebsitename.co/wp-login.

When you login to your WordPress ‘dashboard’, you can start building your site using your new theme.
From the dashboard, things are pretty easy. You will be able to upload the ‘Theme’ that you had just purchased, activate it, and start playing with it. You’ll have to give it a try yourself. If you get lost along the way, simply go onto Youtube and there are tons of videos that tell you exactly what to do.

Since you have already paid for a website or blog ‘backbone’, you only need to fill in the meat, ie., the pictures and text. Simply copy the demo theme but put in your own pictures and text.

Your website or blog is ready and looking like your neighbor’s professional blog too !!
Then you can email your friends and tell them you hired a professional web designer to build your website!

Web Success Char 1


Start building your Website or Blog now
So basically, a ‘WordPress Theme’ is a website or blog backbone structure or framework (minus the contents) that is designed to work on the WordPress platform.
And there you have it.

Have fun and enjoy creating your WordPress blog or website using your professional looking WordPress theme.

Just remember to choose a premium theme that suits your needs and get a reliable hosting provider. There is a limited time offer at GoDaddy ( hosting provider ) where you can get 25% off your first purchase! New Customers only! So get started now.

Good luck with creating your WordPress blog or website!


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